Aerospace Industry

Washington State is the undisputed center of the commercial aircraft industry in the United States. It is the home of over 1,350 suppliers who supply parts for every aircraft manufactured world-wide. Washington is also the home of The Boeing Company's two final Assembly plants in Everett and Renton and five manufacturing sites all concentrated in the Central Puget Sound region.

Employment in the industry stood at 94,000 employees in early 2012. An additional 38,300 workers were employed in sectors closely tied to aerospace, such as plastics manufacturing, machine shops, and electronic component manufacturers. Each job in the industry generates nearly three additional jobs throughout the economy, so that aerospace is responsible for over 250,000 jobs in Washington.

Not only is aerospace a large employer, but it also is a very well-paying sector with great career prospects for its workers. Many people in the industry are third and fourth generation employees, a testament to the quality and loyalty of the state's aerospace workforce.

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