Your business relies on it to adjust to the day to day requirements of a fast paced industry.
The WATR Center offers three flexible training models to meet the needs of your teams.

  1. Onsite
  2. Online
  3. Hybrid (online and onsite)

Training can be delivered either at the Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center, at the industry site, through state wide community colleges, or through distance learning venues.



Industry Location

WATR Center staff work with the industry and a local community college to develop and deliver training to the industry site.  If the local community college does not offer the training, our staff will coordinate instructor travel to the industry site to deliver the training. Trainers would use the industry’s on-site equipment to deliver the training. If the company has an expert on hand whom they would like to deliver the training WATR Center staff will assist by providing the expert with a specialized trainer instruction.

Classroom Location

Individuals will attend trainings and courses that are scheduled at the WATR Center or their local community college campus.


Individuals will participate in online training delivered through the Center’s distance learning platform. The web-based delivery will include streaming video demonstrations, as well as live podcasts and web casts.

Hybrid Options

Individuals will participate in training, from any location, through the Center’s web based instruction. Throughout the class, students travel to the WATR Center building where they engage in condensed classroom instruction. During, or following the classroom instruction participants will engage in hands-on lab training at the industry site or a local community college.